Remember, the good-bye is as important as the hello. So here are the top 5 things to remember before your internship ends:


  1. Set up time with your immediate supervisor for a final review. Thank them for all their help, provide a written review of all projects,  review the different departments you worked with, let them know if you are interested in returning in the future, ask what you can do for the company after you return to school.
  2. Reach out to all other individuals you worked with and say thank you. If there are individuals who were particularly important in your professional development, send a hand written note.
  3. Thank the recruiters who worked with you from day one on getting this internship.
  4. Send LinkedIn invitations to everyone you worked with or met.
  5. Leave a positive lasting impression so maintain your work ethic to the end. Think through how you’ll be telling your story to summarize your internship.