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Thank you for a GREAT seminar!   Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering

 Although I have coached and trained people throughout my career, I realized that I had never invested in developing my personal brand or taken the time to really decide what I wanted to do after graduating from business school. Through Susan’s incredible (and patient) guidance, I was able to discover my true passions and take actionable steps in my career growth. I could not have done it without her.“  J. J., University of Chicago Booth School of Business

 Fantastic presentation, kept everyone engaged!   American Chemical Society

 Best session at the conference.   Cooperative Education and Internship Association

 My resume looks really good. I cannot believe what my old resume used to look like compared to this, I bet it wasn’t even read. The summary section and skills area I really like. I feel anyone that reads this will be able to gather a full sense of the type of candidate they are dealing with. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me Susan.” Michael P.

Thank you for speaking at our workshop. Fantastic book.    Young Professionals Event Coordinator

 HUGE hit with our interns!   ComEd

 My daughter heard you speak and really took a lot away from your presentation and was really fired up. Thanks for helping to inspire her.    Parent of an Event Attendee

 “I cannot thank you enough. The resume you made looks incredible and is accurate, clean and beautifully laid out. Now, having a resume that I’m proud of and that reflects my potential is truly life changing.”  Tate S

I really enjoyed your presentation last night. You really targeted very important issues. Thank you!   Young Professionals Event Attendee

 Your presentation was fantastic!    DePaul

 “WOW! My resume looks so much more professional! Mine definitely needed a face-lift. Thank you again for your time and willingness to help me!!” Stephanie D.

Thank YOU…your talk was a huge hit.   Corporate Event Coordinator

 Thanks for helping to make this event a success.   Allstate

 “I can’t thank you enough, the resume looks fantastic! … much stronger to me than it ever has in the past. Thanks again!” Joe K.

The interns took away valuable information from your presentation. Thank you for your words of encouragement.   Corporate Intern Event Coordinator

 Your advice was invaluable.   Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

 Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us yesterday and especially for answering all of our questions.   Corporate Meeting Attendee

 I want to let you know that I accepted a position for a great job!  I want to thank you for coaching me earlier this year.  I am thrilled our sessions were beneficial and I have reached this point in my career.  With appreciation,” Aviva J

Funny, engaging, great ideas.   Follett

 Thank you so much for all of the great advice you shared with the group. I will share this knowledge with my colleagues.   Career Development Event Attendee

 “Anyone would be extremely fortunate to work with Susan. She was so quick to understand my current state and the future position I was eyeing. Susan uses her expertise and human-centered approach to understand you. After our first meeting, we hit the ground running. Susan has an impressive understanding of the vast, professional landscape and was imperative in helping me home in on company characteristics I didn’t even think of. I cannot say kinder, better things about Susan – you will be impressed from the beginning. Thank you, Susan!” Sammantha M., Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA Program

 My mom gave me a copy of your book, …it taught me a lot about the job hunt as I look for my first job.    Student, University of California, Berkeley

 You have truly inspired me. Delta Sigma Pi

 I am so thankful for your quick advice and suggestions. This by far the best experience I have had….I can’t thank you enough! Graduating Senior

  “I wanted to let you know that I found a new job where I want my career to be so thank you for helping with the resume.  It was an immeasurable relief to not have to worry about that when going through the applying process. Thank you again” Brett S.

Your book really motivated me.   Enterprise Intern

 Thank you so much for sharing your insights of the marketing aspects of job search …your talk was invaluable.   Career Counselor

 “I couldn’t have imagined tackling the resume and cover letter without your help. Without your feedback and guidance, I wouldn’t have improved so much. THANK YOU!!!”     Student, Northwestern University

Outstanding! I liked the conversational feel of the presentation. The style was perfect for this venue. Participants were receptive and engaged, Inspiring introduction, good material to use not only in education but in the corporate world too. Very relevant to issues today with co-op students. Excellent ideas.   Co-op and Intern Association Annual Event Attendee

 Thank you so much for your most interesting presentation last night. I found your presentation encouraging and insightful.   Event Attendee

 Hi Susan, I wanted to reach out and thank you again for all your help.  It took a bit, but I start my new job on Tuesday and I’m very excited!  I never thought it was a job I could ever get, but here I am!   Thanks again!” Bryan D.

Your presentation today was extremely helpful. Thank you for the one-on-one attention you gave me was greatly appreciated!    Student, Marquette University

 Thank you for speaking to our students. I cannot tell you how many students who stopped me to tell me how much they appreciated the tips you gave them about branding themselves. I also took away a few tips of my own from your talk. Thank you!!!    Assistant Dean of Student Services

 You did a great job answering questions about branding and getting everyone prepared for career fairs.    Assistant Dean of Student Services

 “Susan was very professional to work with and streamlined my resume in writing and on LinkedIn.  For years I had been applying to companies and hearing almost no response back.  After Susan’s revisions, many companies were responding and some were even reaching out to me on LinkedIn.  Even if you think you have a polished resume, I highly recommend Susan to second check your work and offer advice on wording, layout, and prioritization of your experience & skills.” Brian H.

The attendees of your presentation were moved and empowered by the knowledge you shared. I appreciate your encouraging words, guidance, and support!    Alumni Group Coordinator

 You provided wonderful information that will not only help me in my line of work but also as a business woman outside of work.    Alumni Event Attendee

 “After my initial phone call with Susan, I hung up feeling energized and excited.  The daunting task of updating a cover letter and resume was going to be completed by a true professional with the deepest wealth of knowledge you can possibly imagine.  In addition to pristine and concise documents, Susan also worked with me on practice interviews and most importantly, how to sell myself.  Understanding your worth and skills is important but knowing how to sell them to a hiring manager is even more essential.  Susan is what I’ve always wanted and needed to boost my confidence and get me out in the real world.  Looking forward to continuing periodical check-ins with her as my career progresses.” Laurel P

You are inspiring!    Alumni Event Attendee

 I really enjoyed your presentation and found it extremely helpful.    Student, University of Notre Dame

 I have major in General Engineering and it was great listening to your lecture. Thank you.     Business Analyst Intern, University of Illinois

 “Susan helped me paint the best and most accurate picture of my professional experience. Her tips gave me the boost I needed to start making real traction on my job hunt.”  JW  

The energy among the attendees was amazing.    NIU

 You were great and I loved all the messaging you gave. Thanks again for helping to make this event such a success.    Intern Event, Human Resources Manager

 I really appreciate the advice. Your information is invaluable and I am anxious to put it to use!    Student, Augustana College

 Susan helped me immensely during a time I was planning my career path. Not only did she help me understand how to apply my skillset to a wide array of industries, she gave me a confidence boost through many conversations, practice interviews, and rigorous thought exercises. As far as practical applications, she helped me with resume building, optimizing my LinkedIn profile, and writing compelling cover letters. She is an invaluable resource to anyone navigating a career move.”  Max V

You gave us all courage…THANK YOU!     University of Wisconsin, AKPsi

 “You have a lot to offer those of us pursuing a job in the “real world”. I have recommended your book to my friends, as it is definitely a must-read!”    Student, University of Wisconsin

 Thank you so much for all of your excellent input based on Marketing Ourselves.    Association Annual Conference Attendee

 Perfect keynote speaker…learned a lot and had a lot of fun.    Wichita State University

 Your talk and advice really helped to tie everything together! You clearly are an expert on marketing and networking…the students learned a lot.    Professional Organization Meeting Coordinator

  I incorporated your comments in my cover letter and it is looking more fabulous than ever. I couldn’t have done it without you.    Student, Northwestern University

Attendees from your talk on Friday had positive feedback.    Graduate Student Organization Attendee

 Wonderful speech on “branding yourself”. These tips very helpful!    Student, Northern Illinois University

 Great keynote at the Internship event. We had one of our highest attendance in years … your remarks motivated all of the seminar attendees.    University Career Services




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