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Brandon was rejected twice this year for a job at his dream company. He wasn’t sure whether to quit trying or if there was some other way to still be part of this company. We put together a personal plan to make sure he was ‘marketing himself’ the best way possible to get his foot in the door.


RESULTS: “I got a job at the company of my dreams. THANK YOU! After being rejected twice this year I thought my chances were over but then I put the plan we set up into full force. I used LinkedIn to reach out to all connections within that company and let them know I was interested. I then sent a handwritten thank you not to all individuals I previously interviewed with and let them know to keep me in mind for any future opportunities. To make sure I stayed on their mind, I sent out an email every few months to let them know I’m still interested. I’m not sure which of these worked the best but when the recruited reached out to me about this new job, she said I was “the first person she thought of when another position opened up.”