Building your career doesn’t wait until after graduation or when you decide to leave a job. Every new experience you have, every new skill you learn, every time you are part of a team, sets you apart from the competition and one step closer to a job.


Time goes very quickly while you are in school so take advantage of all the resources you have at your fingertips WHILE you are on campus. Even if you’ve already graduated, these resources are usually available to alum.

  • Clubs, Associations, Student Groups: While you are in school, becoming part of something outside your regular class schedule. Being part of a group helps to build relationships, showcase your talents, and build new experiences for your resume. If you’ve graduated, remain involved with these groups to continue relationship building.
  • Career and Internship Fairs: A great place to meet with companies that WANT to hire from your school. Most schools are open to Alumni attending these also.
  • Career Center: Current students and Alumni can speak with career center professionals to get assistance on career direction.
  • Library: Check out an abundance of resources including company information, job descriptions, and speakers.
  • Professors: Build relationships with your professors as they can provide valuable input on your area of concentration, letters of recommendation, and potential referrals.
  • Join the Alumni Association: Build early relationships with individuals that WANT to help each other. Joining as a student may be free or offer a discounted rate.
  • School Job Sites: Many schools have a job site portal that lists jobs and internships from outside businesses. Like career fairs, you should take advantage of as companies that list opportunities here WANT to hire students from your school!


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