Pokemon blog

The launch of Pokémon Go has definitely hijacked recent conversations. People are fascinated with this new game experience that allows users to travel between the real world and virtual world.


While I don’t understand all the details, I have been intrigued how this new phenomenon has successfully relaunched a company brand using social media and viral marketing. So, I decided to ‘poke around’ (sorry, couldn’t help myself) to gather early metrics. One of the interesting reviews was posted on YouTube by communication and technology guru Shel Holtz. Here are some interesting Pokémon Go stats (remember, they change daily):

  • There are currently 21 million active daily users
  • It has been downloaded 2 million times on IOS devices
  • It has generated more than $2 million/day from app purchases
  • Nintendo stock has jumped 50% since the game was released


    Amazing numbers! However, on the downside, there are reports of people being robbed at gunpoint after being lured to specific locations. In addition, there are questions on how much user privacy information is unknowingly being collected.


    The good news is that this new game is getting people out of their homes, providing opportunities to build new relationships and is clearly a ‘game changer’ (again, couldn’t help myself) in the industry. Kudos to Pokémon Go!