kid for blog

Michael was heading into his last year of school when he sat in on a speech I was giving at his school.  He thought he had another year to worry about getting a job but when we talked about ‘marketing yourself’, he decided to start his branding process immediately.  We discussed his goals and came up with a personal marketing plan. 


“I’m so glad I reacted to your message of ‘marketing myself’ early on.  First, I created a personal logo and put it on my business card, email signature and on the top of all school assignments. My professors immediately started to remember who I was….not just another student.  I built a relationship with some of them and they are allowing me to list them as referrals.  Second, I created a BLOG around my area of interest and filled it with content that aligned with my targeted industry. This BLOG provided me a great tool to show recruiters and they liked my passion. In fact, it was this BLOG that helped me get a part time job.  As you said, it made me stand out from everyone else.  I’m graduating in a few months and feel like I’ve paved the way to great opportunities. THANK YOU!”