Marketing Yourself to the Real World: INTERNSHIPS


Today, internships have become an integral part of a career path. So what are some individuals doing to secure internships right away? How do social media and marketing yourself play a part in getting an internship? What is the formula for answering interview questions? What is the secret to turning an internship into a job offer? This book will answer all those questions! The 10 simple steps will help you build a strategy to find an internship and guide you through your internship experience. Most important, the book reviews what to do afterward to be more competitive in the marketplace.





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“I am graduating and this book really helped me in my job search. I didn’t know how to market myself but now I do. . …I now have more interviews and job opportunities.”

“I am back in the job search market after MANY years. This book really changed my job search strategy. …. I loved the checklists so I don’t have to rethink everything every time I go on an interview. ….”